Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership

Teenage Pregnancy is now part of the Public Health Directorate within Leicestershire County Council.  

The National vision for Public Health is ‘To improve and protect the nation’s health and well-being, and improve the health of the poorest fastest’. It was felt that in light of changes to the resourcing of Local Authorities, Public Health was the most appropriate location to further develop teenage pregnancy and other health agendas (eg alcohol and substance misuse).

Work to reduce unplanned conceptions and support young parents supports the ‘core business priorities’ of Leicestershire County Council’s Children and Families Service:

LCC Children and Families core business prioities

‘ …a teenage pregnancy prevention strategy that seeks to reduce conception rates by a substantial margin cannot

concentrate on high risk groups alone.

Although certain girls are at a much greater risk of conceiving and giving birth as teenagers than others, the majority of girls that conceive

do not share these risk factors.’

Teenage Pregnancy in England – Institute for Fiscal Studies 2013


Reducing teenage pregnancy is important for a variety of reasons – lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, poor access to advice and support and low aspirations are all negative outcomes which are addressed through approaches to reduce teenage pregnancy.

The role of the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership (LTPP) is to implement and facilitate a Local Delivery Plan to ensure that local targets are achieved.

The LTPP includes a large number of agencies who work together to prevent unplanned pregnancies and support young parents.

Since the baseline year in 1998, Leicestershire’s under 18 conception rate has reduced by 43%.

In 2012, The under-18 conception rate for England was 27.7 conceptions per 1,000 girls aged 15-17. This represents a decline of 41% since 1998.

Leicestershire’s under 18 conception rate (21.7) is lower than the rate in England (27.7) and in the East Midlands (28.3).

The overall reduction in the under 18 conception rate since the baseline is excellent news but ongoing work is required to maintain the downward trend.

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